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IMPORTANT : Please delete this page (index.htm) and replace it with your own index page - see below.

The following general hosting instructions apply to all standard hosting accounts. For specific instructions relating to your web space, please refer to the hosting instructions email received at the time of purchase or log-in to your control panel.

Uploading your web site via FTP

FTP Server:
Username: (Site Administrator)
Password: (Site Administrator password)

Please ensure your FTP software is set to passive mode. This is often located in preferences, or in the connection dialogue box.

Once connected you will see a web folder, any files placed in here will be accessible via the web. Please only upload files outside the web folder if you intend these to be private files only accessible by your scripts.

Don't forget your server expects to find an initial page called index.htm (this page) or index.html (or index.php, index.asp, index.cgi etc for dynamic sites).

Detailed Instructions on how to upload using an FTP client can be found in our Visual Tutorials section.

Uploading your web site with Microsoft FrontPage

Frontpage Web Location:
Name: (Site Administrator)
Password: (Site Administrator password)

Detailed Instructions on how to upload using Microsoft Frontpage can be found in the Visual Tutorials section of your control panel.

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